Creating Storage Fees

The management software includes a Late Fee function but that doesn’t fit this particular need of applying now without the wait for Fee Assessment Day. It is possible to use the Part mechanism to build a simple item to add to these orders whenever required. Here’s how to create the potential item:

  1. Click on Setup, select Standard Descriptions; select the Category tab
  2. Click Add and enter Storage Fees (or similar) and click OK to save it.
  3. From there, click on Standard Tables; select the Income/Payment Types tab
  4. Click on Add and enter the following: list the Income as Storage Fees, give it a UNIQUE GL code # (breaks it out on reports); click OK to save it.
  5. Click on Done to close Setup areas.
  6. Go to Inventory or Parts List, click Add to create a new item
  7. Enter the following:
    Part number – STR (or similar), Description: Daily Storage Fee*
    * NOTE: Be certain your item complies with state and local regulations regarding storage charges (taxable? Etc)
  8. Assign it your new Category called Storage Fees (or similar)
  9. Assign it your new Account Revenue entry Storage (or similar)
  10. Confirm taxable status (check or un-check the tax checkbox)
  11. Put a check in User Entered Sale to prevent markup activity
  12. Enter the amount ($10, $20, ?) PER DAY to charge in Price field
  13. Click OK to save it and ignore the vendor assignment warning

When this is applied to a customer in the form of an invoice all you’ll have do is change the Quantity field to reflect the number of days being charged for.

IMPORTANT: If you are actively charging shop supplies and/or Hazmat, you should use Order Options to turn them off for the generation of storage fees invoices.

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