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How To Register for Shop Mgmt Forum

By registering to create a forum account, you’re creating a login name and password to use to participate in the shop mgmt forum.

STEP 1: To join the forum, click on the Register link (below our forum name):

STEP 2: Read the forum agreement text, then click on the I agree to these terms button:

STEP 3: Create your username & password; enter your email address CAREFULLY (if incorrect, it’s impossible to receive the needed activation email).

We require Username, password (enter twice to confirm) and Account number at minimum to create an account.

TIP: Please fill out your profile as much as possible so that we may contact you more easily.
If you have a website, be sure to enter it in the provided field! We suggest: Location and the signature you wish to be used in posts. Maybe we’ll call you up to discuss a question.

Next look at the Confirmation of registration security graphic above to “decode” the characters. Type the characters you see in the box to match the random generated pattern and then click on the Submit button at the bottom.

When you click on Submit, it will tell you that an email with a link to activate will be sent to you shortly (usually just a minute depending on mail servers). NOTE: If you do get the characters wrong, a new pattern displays to try it again.

NOTE: If you need assistance, contact us at this link for fast response: forumadmin@buymitchell1.com

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