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Shop Management: How to set up Program Security

There are times where a shop may wish to restrict access to functions that are available within their Shop Management program. Some users may need access to areas of the program that others do not. Program Security is designed to provide a mechanism restricting particular users from accessing specific data or functions in the Shop Management program. Program Security is a great way to protect your business by having more control of your customer records and information.

How to set up Program Security

  1. Navigate to Configurations, then Program Security.
  2. In the Program Security Setup window, select Add to create a new shop management user.
  3. Enter a User Name and Password, then click OK. Repeat step 3 for additional users.


    • Passwords are not case-sensitive.
    • Maximum password length is 8 (letters, numbers, or special characters).
    • Each user must have a unique password.
  4. Next, select Change Protected Areas. Enter a unique Master Password, select the preferred Protected Areas, then click Done. For a list of all Protected Areas and their functions, see article here.
    Note 1:  The Master Password must be unique and will allow access to any password protected area.
    Note 2:  It is highly recommended that <Supervisor> Program Security be selected as it will prevent unauthorized access to Program Security.
  5. The Protected Areas will now appear in the Select Protected Areas box. Highlight a user from the list, then Select the desired Protected Areas for that user. Then, click Done.
    • Example 1:  Password “12345678” will allow access to all selected Protected Areas.

    • Example 2:  Password “1234” will allow access to unpost historical invoices and discounts only.

  6. Program Security is now configured. Entering a user password that was granted access will open the desired function. If an incorrect password or a password that has not been granted access is entered, then access is denied. It is recommended that you test each Protected Area to ensure it is working properly.

For more information about Program Security in the Shop Management program, please visit the following links:

If you have forgotten your password to Program Security in the Shop Management program, please contact technical support at 888-724-6724.

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