PartsTech Catalog Setup

We are pleased to announce the PartsTech multi-vendor parts shopping platform is now available at no charge. The setup is quite similar to previous catalogs.

  1. First register with PartsTech (Register Now!!!)
  2. From SE splash screen: Go to Configurations > Toggle Catalog Availability > turn the PartsTech button to ON and click Save
  3. Go to Vendor Setup > Add to create a PartsTech vendor record
  4. Click on Setup Link and choose <PartsTech Catalog Link>
  5. Enter the PartsTech info from registration (back on Step 1) – Username or email address + API Key
  6. Click on Connect to complete process, then click OK to close Add Vendor Window.

    PartsTech will contact customers after they register to assist with selecting Parts Suppliers by your zip code and/or map area radius

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