Followup With Inactive Customers

It is possible within Followup tabs to filter a list of customers whose last invoice falls into a prior date range. The following exercise includes creating a postcard to send inactive customers to encourage them to call or come into the shop.

  1. First go to Setup, Standard Descriptions and create the postcard (or letter) message to be sent.
  2. Select your message postcard in Followup Reports tab and double-click it to open the Followup selection tabs.
  3. Now in Followup selection, click on the New/Inactive tab; set selector to ‘Customer whose last invoice falls within date range’ option. Set a date range (3 months, 6 months, etc.) in the past; click Search to build the list of potential recipients.
  4. Results listed are customers whose invoice history matches the filtering applied above. Click on Print to see options.
  5. Decide which output option (postcard/letter, list or labels) you want, then click Continue.
  6. Decide which Sorting method you prefer and then click on Print.
  7. The inactive “list” is formatted into a nice report that gives you enough data to see what took place during the last service visit if you’d like to make calls. Repeat the process and select printing of postcards and/or labels to finish the effort as a mailer.
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