Entering Return Goods Opening Balances

Entering Return Goods Opening Balances

All Return items awaiting credit (including those items already returned to supplier where a Credit has not been received) must be entered into the Return Goods Bin for the appropriate Supplier prior to your Go Live date. When the Supplier Credits are received, return item credits will be processed through the system.

  • For these entries you will need, Part Number, Description, Cost, Quantity and Supplier.
  • The Return Goods Awaiting Pickup manager will only display suppliers where returns are in the Returns Goods Bin (RGB).
  • Follow the steps below to open the RGB for a supplier.
  1. From the Work In Progress screen, start a New Counter Sale.
    • Lookup or Enter a New Business Contact “Return Parts.”
  2. At the Materials Only line, Rt. Click, select Insert Below > Supplied Item > Receive Item.
  3. Complete the “Receive Parts For Work Order” fields as shown below.
    • Be sure to select the Supplier that you will be entering Return Items for.
    • At the Cost, enter $0.00 as there should be no values on this entry.
  4. Select Add To Supplier Invoice @ Top Right of screen.
    • The Receive Item is entered on the Counter Sale with $0.00 value and Received Units set to 1.
    • From the Counter Sale screen.
  5. Right Click on the Material Item and select Remove Material.
  6. When prompted for the Remove Received Item, select “Return the selected item(s) to the Supplier’s Return Goods Bin.”
  7. Repeat this process for each Supplier that requires Return Item entries.
  8. Close the Counter Sale and Save the Changes by either;
    • Posting the Counter Sale with no values or,
    • Save as Unposted Counter Sale for future use.
    • Following this process will open a Returns Good Bin for each Supplier. There will be no effect on the General Ledger as all entries have a $0.00 value.
  9. From the Purchases Manager (Location > Purchases), open the Returned Goods Awaiting Pickup module. Click on the + to left to open.
  10. Open the Return Goods For “The Supplier”. Right Click, select Update.
  11. From the Tools menu, select Add Found Item.
  12. Complete the Add Found Item To Returned Goods Bin fields, select Apply.
  13. Repeat this process for each Return Item for the Supplier.
    • Items with multiple Quantities should be entered as credits will be issued. (i.e. if you have more than 1 of the same part number, enter the quantities as they will be shown on your Supplier Credit Invoice.)
    • Enter each item Quantity and Total using Pre Tax (no tax) amounts.
    • After completing all Return Item entries for the Supplier, highlight the RGB original entry item. From the Tools menu, select Delete Lost item to remove it.

These values will be entered into the 4415 – RGB Growth (Found Items) GL Account and will report Revenue on the Income Statement if not completed prior to the Go Live Date.

Your Return Items are now properly entered into the Supplier Return Bin awaiting the Supplier Credit Invoice.

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