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Details Of Top 25 Reports In Shop Mgmt

  • Accounts Receivable Aging DetailAccounting Report
    • Provides a detailed listing of all invoices with outstanding balances including any applied payments. Broken out by 30, 60 & 90+ day increments. Sorted and totaled by customer.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging SummaryAccounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all outstanding balances sorted and totaled by customer without the invoice and customer details provided in the Aging Detail report.  Broken out by 30, 60 & 90+ day increments.
    • Able to sort by Name, Company, Customer ID or All.
  • Balance Due StatementsAccounting Report
    • Provides an itemization of unpaid invoices, with subtotals for Parts and Labor for each customer. Also provided is a summary of Past Due and Total Due.  Suitable for customer mailings.
  • Balance DueAccounting Report
    • Provides the Balance Due, Year to Date purchases, and Life Total purchases for each customer.  Typically used as a tool to determine who owes you money at any given time.
  • Posted OrdersAccounting Report
    • Provides detailed information on the components of cost (Parts, Labor, Tax, etc.) on orders that were posted during a specified time frame.  Note that any Sublet figures will be included in Labor and the Charge Sales figure is a historical item indicating amount charged at time of posting.
  • Sales/Receipts SummaryAccounting Report
    • A summary of payments whether taken On Invoice, On Account or On Deposit.  Report includes Posted Order Sales of Parts, Cores, Labor, Sublet Items, Shop Supplies, Hazardous Materials and taxable items.
    • Note that the Totals are based on all invoices posted during selected time range and is NOT an overall summary of your shop’s outstanding balances due.
  • Cash ReceiptAccounting Report
    • Describes “cash” (cash, check, or bank card charge) payments during a specified time period. Receipts are totaled by Invoice, Account, and Deposit.
  • Cash Receipt By Payment TypeAccounting Report
    • Provides the same information as the Cash Receipt report with payments broken down by category or payment method.
  • Business Summary ReportManagement Report
    • Provides a single, concise report of key performance indicators for your shop including Gross Sales, Average $ per R.O., Total R.O.’s, Parts & Labor Sales, Parts/Labor Ratio and Technicians Labor to Gross Sales Ratio. This report is often used to determine the efficiency of a shop’s service technicians.  Are they billing accurately.  Also a nice report to quickly see the dollars being billed out versus being taken in over a specified time period.
  • Revenue By GL CodeAccounting Report
    • Provides a detailed breakdown of all sales revenue by sales  revenue by assigned account classes and GL Codes. Note that account classes and GL Codes are part of shop setup.
    • If not setup most figures will be displayed as “Unassigned”.
  • Shop Data ReportManagement Report
    • Provides a listing of the current shop setup profile.
  • Tax Paid on PO’sAccounting Report
    • Provides an itemized listing of taxable Purchase Orders.  Including P.O. Number, P.O. Date, Vendor, Order Amount, Tax Amount and Total are included.
  • Tech CommissionAccounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians.  Report includes invoice detail.
  • Tech Commission w/Billed HoursAccounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians. Report includes billed hours for each Invoice line.
  • Tech Commission w/YMMAccounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians including the vehicle information. Report includes invoice detail.
  • Tech Commission SummaryAccounting Report
    • Commission Totals for One or All Technicians (Invoice Detail NOT Included, Parts & Labor Only)
  • Tech ProductivityAccounting Report
    • A comparison of Charged hours vs. Actual and Paid hours to compute Productivity and Efficiency percentages.
  • Tech RatesAccounting Report
    • A listing of Technician labor rates and commissions on parts, labor, and sublets.
  • Invoice Profit SummaryAccounting Report
    • Total profitability of business based on invoices.  Note the commission figures are included in the Cost.
  • Current InventoryInventory Report
    • Provides a listing of all active and inactive parts in your inventory.  Report includes On Hand Qty, Cost and Pricing figures.
  • On Hand Inventory ValueInventory Report
    • Provides a listing of On-Hand inventory broken down by Category with Sub-Totals.  Also provides a Total Value of all current On-Hand inventory.
  • Incomplete Inventory ItemsInventory Report
    • Provides a listing of all missing inventory items broken down by Category, Vendor or other data. Supports user file maintenance to have complete part records.
  • Materials Used SummaryManagement Report
    • Provides the quantity and profitability of each Part List item used whether an inventory or non-inventory item.
  • Discount SummaryAccounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all discounts that have been applied to orders with coupons or manually from the Options menu.
  • Late Fee Assessment Accounting Report
    • Provides a listing of all Late Fees assessed during a selected time frame (typically per monthly assessment period).

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