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Software Monthly Maintenance (Non Accounting Use)

When not using the accounting within the software the system will build up information that will affect the performance and speed of the software, slowing the system down as these files build up old and outdated information.

Here are some tips on what to do to keep your program operating at peak performance when NOT using certain accounting modules and the General Ledger.

Remember your data is constantly being sent back and forth from your computer to the server. With that in mind if you do not periodically clean up certain GL accounts the system has to transfer a large amount of information thereby slowing your system down. By performing these steps to clean and maintain certain GL accounts, you will keep the transfer of information at optimal speed

There are 4 main areas that should to be maintained on a monthly basis. They are Account Receivables, Account Payables (which include Purchases (supplier invoices), Returned Goods, Warranty Credits), Cash Balance, and Bank Accounts.

The PDF below will take you through the steps to perform the Monthly Maintenance on your software system.

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