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Export Data from Manager SE Followup Reports to .CSV format

Manager SE: Steps to Filter Your Own Data for Custom Export File

  1. Click on the Reports icon to open the report selection screen.
  2. Change the ‘Report to’ output selector to ‘Screen’ as needed.
  3. Double-click on *MM – Create Data Export File to begin filtering data for your export.
  4. Followup tabs provide data filtering (Service Date, Category, Vehicle, Zip Codes, Mileage, New Customer, Inactive, Recommendations, Inspections, etc); experiment to see which works best.
  5. Once that filter criteria have been selected, click on Search to build the data file.

    The results (Records Selected) display on the View List screen.
  6. Click on Print to open a dialog window save your results data to an export file.
  7. Select a familiar destination (Desktop, My Documents, etc) or use the default shown.

    NOTE: Default path is C:\ProgramData\M1-SK\MailMerge
  8. Give the report an appropriate name of your own or use the default filename.

    NOTE: Default filename is Followup.csv; if you re-use it you’ll overwrite any previous results with same filename. Output is csv (comma separated values) only.
  9. Click on Save to complete the export data task.

Note: Tech Support cannot assist with questions regarding configuring or installing these third-party programs; it is up to the user to possess the skills required or to secure this expertise locally.

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