QuickBooks Integrator Tips

Jebediah’s QBI Protips:

Here are some quick tips regarding the Quickbooks Integrator that may help resolve some of your calls.

License exceeded message:  simply go to Webadmin tool, locate customer and click Expire all Sessions & Expire all machines. Ask them to Synchronize again (after them possibly saving account number) and see if problem persists. Other known causes of this include:

    – Closing Sync window before it finishes

    – Avast Anti-virus

    – No active license for QBI in WebAdmin under Products    and Applications

If this does not resolve the issue then place a call back for the customer in the Quickbooks callback queue.

If the customer gets an ODBC error when trying to Synchronize QBI.. Then it’s a 3031 error and you should be able to run the fix from managerfiles.com without assigning it to the QBI call back queue.

Please note:  QuickBooks Integrator is no longer being sold; however, we do providing accounting integration through The Back Office:  https://www.mitchell1backoffice.com/


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