FAQ #2 Requirements / Browser / Navigation

What are the System Requirements?

Mitchell1 recommends a High Speed internet connection and a minimum of 1024×768 Screen Resolution. Check the full 2012 Mitchell 1 Specifications here:
Which web browser does M1 recommend?
Mitchell1 recommends Google Chrome. ProDemand is also compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 or above (Note: IE6 and IE7 are not supported. With IE8, you will be required to install an SVG viewer. Starting with IE9, no additional add-ons required.)
How do I know what Internet Explorer Web Browser I have?
On the upper left side of your screen, click on Help, then click About Internet Explorer. A window will open up showing you what version of IE you have.
Can I “IP authenticate” into ProDemand and what are the benefits?
We use the IP addresses as part of our product authentication. Basically, we check the IP address of the login request and make sure it matches the IP address on the account. If it does, we infer that the user is using our product within our subscriber’s building and we allow that user access to the product.

The alternative authentication method is username/password credentials. With username/password credentials, we do not look for the IP address at all.

Our subscriptions are licensed per location. It helps us to keep our information and products more secure by allowing for IP address authentication. If a dealership is set for IP authentication, we know that users cannot share their username/passwords with other users outside of the intended subscription.

An additional benefit of using IP address authentication is the ease of managing authentication. For example, a technician could easily lose credentials by clearing their cookies, and then they have to ask around the shop for the credentials. Or the password could be reset, and everyone would need to re-login, probably requiring time on the phone with tech support.

If I close the window without logging out, what happens?
Your session automatically ends. It is the same as if you logged out yourself.

Is the Vehicle History specific to my PC?

No, history is account specific, not PC specific. The history of all users under the account will show up in the history tab.
Does the thesaurus (word-matching) work in Keyword Search and Estimator?
No, the thesaurus only works in the Component Search. When using the search in Keyword Search or in Estimator, be specific or general with your search.
What is max # of characters allowed for Disclosure Section in Shop Settings?
M1 did not put a limit on that field. As you type, the box will continue growing, pushing the signature line further down the page.


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