Reward Your Customer Referrals

So you’d like to say thanks to a current customer for sending you a new customer with some token of appreciation; how and where do you register this referral activity between these customers? You can do this without generating an order; just follow these steps:

Go to Utilities menu to open Customer screen.

  1. Click on Name to access new customer’s record. (example Bob Peterson)
  2. Open the Referred By drop-down list and select Friend as the Referral type.
  3. Click on Referral Lookup to open the customer rolodex.
  4. Select existing customer (example Pam Johnson) from list.
  5. Click OK to accept the selection. Referred By should now display Pam Johnson.
  6. Click on Customer Screen Exit button.
  7. Answer Yes to ‘Save Changes to Customer Information?’.

Now when the Referral-Customers report is run it will include referral (Bob Peterson referred by Pam Johnson).

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