Setup Disposal Fee For Tires (Legacy)

Let’s look at fees/taxes applied by Fees button or by Attached Parts method, so as to be automatically applied when you sell tires. Some users report having two constant sales considerations that are associated with tire sales; one is the state tire tax, the second is a tire disposal fee.

In Manager or Service Writer (Parts List instead of Inventory list) a “part” can be created to handle this using the Attached Parts feature for EACH part record. A better idea is to apply the fee item ONCE per Tire Package level under Promotions button.

If using Manager Plus or ShopKey Management (Inventory list), each inventory record supports one fee with the Fee button. Be sure that the proper accounting class exists so that funds collected go into separate account class and can be broken out on reports. That Fee option is fine if you only have one fee/tax to contend with. If you need to handle both fee and tax, please read on.

  1. First we’ll make sure that the accounting function for the fee is in place. A unique GL code allows this revenue to easily be visible for reporting needs. Go to Setup – Standard Tables, selecting the  Income/Cash Accounts tab. Click Add to build your entry.

    Now we’ll build the part item to handle the disposal fee, then optionally how it would be added to the Tire Package service levels.
  2. Open Parts List or Inventory list and click on Add to create a new record similar to the one below:

    IMPORTANT: Account Revenue is set to ‘Tire Disposal Fee’ (40520 example above) instead of Parts

    Details of a “Fee” Part record; note the Acct Revenue, Tax and User Entered Sale Price options.


    If you sell a lot of tires, it makes sense to use Promotions – Tire Packages to manage these sales. Here’s how to add the tire disposal to the Tire Package service level (5 levels available):
  3. Go to Setup menu, select Tire Packages, highlight the desired service level and click Edit. Now click Parts button.

    NOTE: You may enter this as a one time part OR use the TireFee record if you created one as above.

Now whenever this Tire Package level is used to sell tires, the fee will automatically be multiplied and applied to the order. If you want this to appear in all levels of service, add (copy & paste) this line to each level.

NOTE: Be advised that our newer SE 6.5 shop management software includes integrated tire fee assignments.

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