Line Description Download Link
1 Utility to help setup logo to print on Estimates, Repair Orders, and Invoices.
2 Vehicle letter with Proper Case fix in address area
3 Invoice with larger font and fixed received/completed date
4 Moves History date to top March 2017
5 Fixes Invoices to keep labor requested and [long] performed together
6 Installs Balance Due Statements and Balance Due Report with positive balances only.
7 Revision consolidation for Invoices
8 Add Parts Report to ManagerSE when missing
9 Estimate template to fix margins (v 6.5.47+)
10 Expanded Tech Worksheet to fit Clipboard & corrects labor lines being printed twice, includes symptom and vehicle memo, and VIN barcode
11 Fixed Penny rounding for Invoices
12 TechHours report with effective labor rate
13 Invoice with taxes broken out
14 Update Coupon Utilization Report
15 Parts on Order  Report format cleanup
16 Updated Florida Invoice to fix balance due when tire fees are applied – Up to Manager SE 6.5.59
17 Updated Posted Orders by Invoice Number – corrects balance due calculation
18 Low Inventory by Category/PartNo
19 Fix to eliminate negative committed values
20 Update to Selected Monthly Sales RptFixed to not include Hazmat, ShopSupplies and Taxes.
21 Sales Summary by Service Advisor with Cost totals
22 Invoice with Customer Number Removed With reference # up top
23 Fix logo printing for Estimate without hours/part numbers
Must be run on the host/main
24 Michigan Invoice with Signature Lines added
25 Updated Wisc Invoice for Manager 7.2.x   Feb 9, 2018
26 Schedule Report Summary with comments
27 Referal-Inv Sources report with graph
28 Fix for Inv/ with Hours/No PN/No Rev Data & Inv/ with Hours/No Rev Data for 7.1.2
29 Tech Worksheet with Mfg date corrected
30 Report enhancements for v 7.2.5
31 Invoice for Jubitz
Run as Administrator
32 Customer Vehicle Summary Correctly Shows and Hides Notes
33 Tech Worksheet History By Date