Install Tools

Line Description Download Link
1 SQL 2014 Manual Install

SQL 2014 Install

2 MSXML for Windows version 1809 – 32bit

MSXML - 32bit

3 MSXML for Windows version 1809 – 64bit

MSXML - 64bit

4 Manager SE Updater v. 2.0.2

Shop Management Updater

5 M1-SK Uninstall Tool v. 1.0.14
For Technical Support Use Only

Shop Management Uninstall Tool

6 QuickBooks Integrator v. 2.0.104 for Manager/ShopKey 6.5 and up. This requires a password to install please consult Mitchell 1 Tech Support

QuickBooks Integrator for Manager/ShopKey

8 Crystal Reports v. 32-bit

Crystal Reports v. 32-bit

9 Crystal Reports v. 64-bit

Crystal Reports v. 64-bit

11 Dymo Label Software Printer Drivers