Technical Support Tools

Line Description Download Link
1 LinqPad
Tech Support Use Only
2 Database Attacher
Tech Support Use Only
3 Manager SE Log Viewer
Tech Support Use Only
4 Utility to fix Schedule Tasks for SCRM
5 Log gathering tool
Tech Support Use Only
6 Port Scanning Utility
Tech Support Use Only
7 Payment Fix Utility
8 WMI system Configuration checker failure errors during SQL install
9 Fixes detection and integration of WorldPac with Shop Management system
10 Cleanup utility for Shop Management v. 6.4.612 and prior. Clears assembly cache
11 6.4 tool to automatically reset taxes for all customers and vehicles
Note: Mitchell1 cannot be responsible for making certain your system is configured to comply with local, state/province, or government regulations. Mitchell1 does supply the functionality and tools so you may affect those configurations. Mitchell1 will also be happy to assist in configuring your system with your involvement/direction.
12 Attaches Demo Database to Shop Management
13 ShopManagement SE Viewer (TechView)
14 Machine ID Fix for 6.5
15 Remove invalid lines from orders for 6.4+ Bad Line Item Fix
Tech Support Use Only
16 Set default time for new appointments by user.
Close Manager SE, open application, select user, set default appointment start time for that user.  Reopen Manager
17 Imports Old Schedule Items into new Scheduler. Does not restore deleted Scheduled Items
18 Config Utility for VERUS v.
19 Fix for IE 11 systems with catalogs
20 Mitchell Repair Update Notification Fix
21 Thunderbird Fix Windows 7 – 32 bit
22 Thunderbird Fix Windows 7 – 64 bit
23 First Call Online Double Window Fix