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Shop Management: Enabling Taxes on Purchase Orders (Canadian Customers)

In versions 8.0.3 and higher shop owners can set taxes on Purchase Orders (P.O.s). To retain the setting, the tax rate must be set on a manually created Purchase Order. If it is done on a Purchase Order generated through an electronic parts catalog the setting will not save.

Close all workstations running the Shop Management program then follow the steps below on the host/main computer.

Setting the tax rate by creating a manual P.O.

  1. Click the P.O.s icon at the top of the Shop Management program.
  2. On the bottom of the Purchase Order window, click Add.
  3. Add a part—a dummy part not in inventory will work.
  4. Set the tax rate by clicking Tax Rates Applied at the top of the Purchase Order Worksheet.
  5. Mark the P.O. as Taxable and select the applicable tax rates. Then click OK.
  6. Save the P.O., then click OK on the prompt to update all lines to the new tax configuration.
  7. At this point, the current and all future P.O.s will be marked as Taxable.
  8. The manual P.O. can be deleted, and the setting will save. The tax rate of future P.O.s will reflect the last manual P.O. created.


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