Symptoms Text in Word Document

The document below includes text for the standard set of Symptoms that are included in the mgmt software installation. It is prepared in a table format so that users can copy & paste text to add these entries in a short amount of time. Category is not included as yours may differ; it will be up to you to include the proper category to save the entry to your database. The suggested labor hrs can also be modified as users see fit.

Please note the Labor Total $ will update to your shop rate automatically. The charged hours are just a suggestion and set by default, you can modify the times as you enter them if you wish.

Enter the Symptoms by going to Setup – Standard Descriptions, Symptoms tab. Click on Add to start each entry, then click OK to save the entry work each time. Repeat until all of the Symptoms are entered.

Short DescriptionSymptomWork RequestedCategoryCharged HrsLabor Total $Est. Parts $
Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light Comes OnDiagnose Cause of LightEngine Performance/Tuneup1$100.000
No Start/Hard StartEngines Crank OK but either is hard to start or will not startDiagnose No Start/Hard StartEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Won’t CrankEngine will not crank (turn over)Diagnose why the engine will not crankEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Engine StallsEngine runs and then stalls (stops running)Diagnose engine stalling conditionEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Engine MissEngine is misfiring/lacks powerDiagnose engine misfireEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Hesitate, Stumble or SagEngine hesitates, stumbles or sags when acceleratingDiagnose cause of hesitation, stumble or sagEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Rough IdleEngine runs rough (misfires) at idleDiagnose rough idleEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Idle Too HighEngine is idling too high (fast)Diagnose why engine is idling high (fast)Engine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Idle Too LowEngines idles too low (slowly)Diagnose why idle is low (too slow)Engine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Lacks PowerEngine Lacks Power/Poor PerformanceDiagnose lack of power/poor performanceEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Surge-ChuggledEngine is surging or chuggling (bucks, jerks or skips)Diagnose surging or chugglingEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Poor Fuel EconomyVehicle is getting poor fuel economy (bad gas mileage)Diagnose poor fuel economyEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
PingsEngine is pinging or predetonatingDiagnose engine pingEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Sulfur-Rotten Egg SmellVehicle is producing a sulfur smell (rotten eggs)Diagnose sulfur smellEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
BackfiresEngine backfiresDiagnose backfireEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
SmokesSmoke coming from vehicleDiagnose where/what is causing smokingEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Runs OnEngine runs off after key is turned offDiagnose why engine runs onEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Speed FluctuatesVehicle speed fluctuates (changes) without moving accelerator (gas pedal)Diagnose speed fluctuationEngine Performance/Tuneup1$60.000
Engine NoiseEngine is making unusual noisesDiagnose engine noise and its causeEngine Mechanical Repair1$60.000
Shifting – PoorTransmission is shifting poorly (hard shift, late shift, early shift)Diagnose poor shiftingClutch/Transmission/Axles1$60.000
Shifting – NoTransmission is not shifting gearsDiagnose why transmission will not shiftClutch/Transmission/Axles1$60.000
Starts Outside of P-NEngine can start in gearDiagnose Neutral Safety SwitchClutch/Transmission/Axles1$60.000
Trans NoisyTransmission is noisyDiagnose transmission noiseClutch/Transmission/Axles1$60.000
Vehicle Pulls RightVehicle Pulls to right when brakingInspect BrakesBrake System0.5$30.000
Vehicle Pulls LeftVehicle Pulls to left when brakingInspect BrakesBrake System0.5$30.000
Steering Wheel VibratesSteering Wheel Vibrates (moves, shakes) at certain speedsDiagnose steering wheel vibration/check wheel balance and/or inspect brakes-tiresSteering/Susp/Wheel Align0.5$30.000
Brake Warning Light OnBrake Warning Lights Comes On-Stays OnInspect Brake SystemBrake System0.5$30.000
Uneven Tire WearTires are wearing unevenlyInspect tires and check for cause of uneven wearSteering/Susp/Wheel Align0.5$30.000
Engine OverheatsEngine is overheating (steam, losing coolant, pressure relief at radiator cap or recovery system)Diagnose engine overheatingA/C & Heating0.75$45.000
Brake NoiseBrake are making noiseInspect BrakesBrake System0.5$30.000
Brake Pedal Soft-SinksBrake Pedal is soft or sinks to the floorInspect brakesBrake System0.5$30.000
Squeaks-RattlesSqueaks or Rattles coming from the vehicleTest drive to locate area of sound and inspect vehicleMiscellaneous1$60.000
Belt SquealDrive belt(s) are squealingInspect belts and determine cause of squealCooling/Belts/Hoses0.5$30.000
AC Won’t CoolAir conditioning is not cooling properlyDiagnose air conditioning systemA/C & Heating1$60.000
SlippingClutch slips (engine revs without vehicle speed increasing) Inspect clutch Clutch/Transmission/Axles1$60.000
Hard Shifting (MT)Manual transmission is difficult to get into a different gearInspect transmission and clutch to determine causeClutch/Transmission/Axles0.5$30.000
Park Brake Won’t HoldParking Brake does not hold the vehicle in placeInspect brakes and parking brakeBrake System0.5$30.000
Charge Light OnCharging System Warning Lights Comes on/GlowsInspect charging systemCharging/Starting System1$60.000
Battery DeadBattery DeadInspect/Recharge Battery and check charging systemCharging/Starting System1$60.000
Turn Signal OutTurn signal indicator either stays on or blinks too quicklyInspect turn signal lights, switch and/or flasherMiscellaneous1$60.000
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