Create All Customers Mailing Labels

Use these steps to generate a master list of all customers for holiday mailing labels:

  1. Go to Reports, select the Followup tab; choose ANY template and you’ll open up on the History tab.
  2. Change BOTH date ranges beyond the current day you are running this effort. [e.g. 01/01/2015]
  3. Change the Selection Method to ‘Select by customer NOT found within selected date range’.
  4. Click on Search to build the list.
    The View List screen displays the results; my effort collected 564 database names.

    TIP: Perhaps you have some names in your database that don’t yet include vehicle records. To add these to your list follow the Customer tab steps below. If not, you may skip this step and click on the Print button at this time.
  5. To add customers without vehicle records, change to the Customer tab.
  6. Check the ‘Add Customers without Vehicles‘ checkbox.
  7. Click on Add to append these additional records to your existing results list.
  8. This will add records to the previous results for new total of customers on the list.
  9. Click on View List tab to work with your results
  10. Click on Print to access user selection box for letters, labels or lists in the next step.
  11. Change the selector to the output you wish to use; in this example, we select Print Labels and then click Print to generate the output which will now become visible in a screen preview*.
  12. From print preview screen, click the printer icon to start printing labels.
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