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Connected Vehicle requires Manager SE Connection to be in sync.

  1. To learn how to connect your Manager SE account to VOYOLink, please refer to the short onboarding video found at Additional information on VOYOLink, including video tutorials, are available once you have created your account and logged in to the VOYOLink site.
  2. When a customer requests to link their vehicle to the shop, the shop will receive an Onboarding request on the top right of the screen. They can click on it to open the onboarding customer list.
    • Note: Once they receive their first request, the button will remain forever.
  1. Process the request by clicking Process on the right side.
  2. This will open a wizard to match the customer with a customer from the database. Search using the fields provided, select the customer, then click Use Vehicle.
  3. If the customer is not in the database yet, you can choose Create New Customer and Vehicle to create them. It will autofill with information provided from the request. Add or correct information as needed, then click Next.
  4. Confirm that the information is correct, then click Accept.
  5. Onboarding is complete. Click Finish.
  6. A new Alerts icon will appear in the title bar. When a connected vehicle gets a trouble code, an alert is generated and a number icon will appear. Click on it to view the alert.
  7. The scheduler will open to the Alerts tab. This lists all new alerts. Double click on one to open the details.
  8. This is the alert details screen.
    Save & Close closes the window and saves any changes.
    Convert to appointment creates an appointment from the alert.
    Quick Close closes the alert, saving it to the vehicle’s history.
    Send Text allows you to text the customer for more information.
    Clicking on a DTC in the list opens repair information to the vehicle and the DTC.
    Map It opens your map provider (Google Maps or Bing Maps) to the location where the alert was generated, if one was provided.
  9. A new tab Connected Vehicles is available in Setup > Shop Data. From here shops can disable connected vehicle or view their cloud ID.
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