iDPRT SP320 Setup Guide

Installing the Printer:

  1. Download the driver – click here.
  2. Run the setup and follow the prompts.

Sticker Setup

  1. Click on the start menu, then the little gear to open Windows Settings.
  2. Click “Devices”.
  3. Click “Printers & scanners” from the menu on the left.
    Click iDPRT SP320 from the list of printers.
    Click “Manage”.
  4. Click “Printing preferences”.
  5. Click “New…” to create a new paper size for MITC-250 (2.25in x 1.25in).
  6. Change the settings to match below and click OK:
    Name: MITC-250
    Width: 2.25 in
    Height: 1.25 in
  7. Change the settings to match below and click OK:
    Name: MITC-260
    Width: 1.13 in
    Height: 3.50 in
  8. If you have any other stickers, add them in the same way with the width and height of the sticker.
  9. Click OK to close the printer preferences.

Manager SE Print Setup

  1. In Manager SE, use the menu at the top to go to File > Print Setup.
  2. On the left, choose Lube Sticker Printer.
  3. Change the following settings to match:
    • Printer: iDPRT SP320
    • Print Margins – note that these may require small adjustments (up to about 0.10″) depending on how the sticker is aligned in the printer:
      • Left: 0.08
      • Right 0.10
      • Top: 0.10
      • Bottom: 0.08
  4. Other settings depend on your stickers.
    • MITC-250
      • Orientation: Portrait
      • Template: With Logo – Horizontal Layout
    • MITC-260
      • Orientation: Landscape
      • Template: With Logo – Horizontal Layout
  5. Use “Print Sample” to test the settings. Click OK to save.

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