Change Vehicle Ownership

The Change Vehicle Ownership dialog box allows you to easily transfer a Vehicle from one customer to another. The screen is opened by choosing Change Owner from the toolbar.

To change a vehicle’s ownership:

  1. Click on Change Owner from the toolbar. The Change Vehicle Ownership screen displays.

    Select the Current Owner using the search by Name, Phone # or choose the Vehicle by VIN #, License # or Unit #. Choose the Vehicle and click Next to continue.
  2. Select the new Owner using the lookup fields. If transferring the vehicle to a New Customer not already in the system, click the New Customer button to create a new Customer record.

    Enter the Customer Information (if applicable) and click OK and Next to continue
  3. You are prompted to review the information. Click Finish to complete the transfer.
  4. Answer yes to prompt to “Do you want to inherit the new customer’s taxes for this vehicle?”

Versions 7.1.7 and below

Change Ownership function is available to users in the 3 tab file maintenance view. This is accessed by using Utilities menu and selecting Customer or Vehicle screen (depending on which information you’re using to find the vehicle).

  1. Go to Utilities menu, then choose either Customer Screen or Vehicle Screen, depending on how you want to look up the vehicle.
  2. Switch to the Vehicle tab, making sure the correct vehicle is selected.
  3. Click on the Change Ownership button at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Browse the list of your existing customers or click New as needed.
  5. Answer yes to prompts to change the vehicle ownership.
  6. Answer yes to prompt to “Do you want to inherit the new customer’s taxes for this vehicle?”

NOTE: Invoices posted will retain the original customers name; there is no effect on any outstanding balances they may have. In future searches based on customer, the invoices as originally posted per customer will display. If search is on vehicle (license #, VIN), posted invoices for both prior and current owners will all be seen together on the History screen.

You may also watch this video to see how it works:

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