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Restore OD5.com/SK5.com After Reinstall or Update

If user loses access to web-based repair and/or estimating after reinstall of mgmt software running (or more rarely a quarterly shop management update by Winner’s Circle or Supercharged CD), the user should check the configuration as it may have reverted to expecting DVD for content. To access the special setup area to check settings, first be on the home (splash) screen with the shop management product name. (click the WIP button once if the WIP screen is still visible) NOTE: You must be on the splash screen for Special Maintenance options to be visible.

  1. Go to Setup menu,
  2. Select Special Maintenance
  3. Choose Select Ref Source.
  4. Be sure Web Source is selected
  5. Click on OK.

If this field fix doesn’t restore access to web-based Repair and/or Estimator, contact tech support.

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