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Add a New Technician or New Service Writer in SE

To add a new technician or service writer to your shop management program, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Configurations menu, select Technician Setup.
  2. Click on Add to open the technician setup window.
  3. Enter the employee’s information.
  4. Select Employee Type:
    • Technician
      • Added to list to select for Parts and Labor line items
    • Service Writer
      • Only able to be selected as “Written By:” for an order
    • Manager
      • Does nothing in SE
      • Not able to select as written by or for parts/labor items
    • If you require the same person to be selected for “Written By:” and ability to select on part and labor line items you must create the user as a Technician and Service Writer
  5. Click “OK”

For information on how to setup a Technician or Service Writer as the default for all orders, see this video on Shop Setup:

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