Creating A Manual Purchase Order

Sometimes you need something from a vendor that is not integrated to the shop mgmt software for electronic parts ordering & automatic Purchase Order generation. Here are the steps to manually create a Purchase Order as needed.

1. Go to the Inventory menu and select Purchase Orders.

2. Click on the Add button at the bottom to begin creating a PO Worksheet.

3. Select a Vendor from the drop-list (click Vendor to go to Setup and add it if not already on list). Then click on Add to begin putting parts on the PO.

4. If the part you enter is unknown to the system, you’ll need to fill in P/N, Description, Quantity, etc.
Checking the Inventory Part checkbox added this item to the inventory list; Inventory button allows access to record once saved.

5. If the part you enter is known to the system, press Tab and it’ll fill in P/N, Description, Quantity, etc. details for you.
Inventory button allows access to make changes to this part record.

6. Consider the Delivery/Willcall, Tax, Fax & Comment options, then click on Save.
NOTE: You’ll be printing or faxing this PO to the vendor.

7. Confirmation message that Purchase Order #xxxx has been created; click on OK.

8. When parts arrive, go to Inventory menu, select Purchase Order and then highlight this PO within the Open PO list. Click on Edit/Receive to begin the process.

9. PO Worksheet opens; click on Receive All.

10. Dialog box appears with options; these choices are sticky and do not have to be re-selected every time. Click OK to proceed.

11. Dialog box reports no RO found (this was ordered for stock) and it is an existing inventory record. Click Receive to process the next part or complete the process if only a single part involved.

12. Click on Close PO to complete the task. This document can be later reviewed from the Closed POs list.

See this instructional video for creating the manual purchase order from the Repair Order screen:

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