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Shop Management: How to Restore a Local Database Backup

The following are instructions on how to restore a local database backup (.bak or .zip files) into the Shop Management program for version 6.x or higher.

It is highly recommended that a backup is created prior to restoring a local backup as the Database Restore Utility overwrites the existing database.

WARNING:  If you are restoring a database without the assistance of Mitchell1 Tech Support, it is essential that you contact our support team to ensure that all components of the Shop Management program are functioning properly. For the Mitchell1 Tech Support contact telephone number and hours of operation, click here.

How to Restore a Local Database Backup

  1. Close any and all workstation computers.
  2. Create a local copy of the current database.
    • For instructions on how to create a local backup, see this article.
  3. Open Shop Management SE and connect to the correct host machine.
  4. Enter account number if prompted
  5. On the host computer, navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\M1-SK\Teamworks\ folder.
    Double-click on the DatabaseRestoreUtility application. For 32-bit Windows Operating systems, the DatabaseRestoreUtility can be found at C:\Program Files\M1-SK\Teamworks\.
  6. Select, Restore Database.
  7. Navigate to the desired backup (.bak or .zip). Select the backup, then click Open.
  8. Next, read though the warning prompt. Click Yes to continue.
  9. Read through the second warning prompt. Click Yes to continue.

Note: The restore process may take up to 30 minutes depending on the size of the database and speed of the computer.

  1. The database restore process is now complete. At this point, the Shop Management program can now be launched.
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