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How to Change Your Mgmt. Forum Password

I could not access the forum and then asked a moderator that my password be reset. Soon I received an email like this:
Your forum account has been located, password reset and tested. You may login as follows:
Password: ********

You may use the user console to change the password later if you wish. Remember to click the X and NOT log out; that way the forum remembers you and you won’t have to log back in every time.

Q. Where can I access the user console to get into the Profile and change the password?
A. Here are the steps to access your Profile and change the password to your preference:
NOTE: Do NOT change your email address! Since forum accounts are built on email addresses, your forum account will become inactive. If you need to change email address, request a forum moderator to do this for you, so that your account can remain active through the change. 

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