How Do I Add/Edit Payment Types?

This is not to enable Electric Payment Processors

Question: Is there a way to change the payment type in the “Apply Payments Dialog Box”? We have a need to include “Electronic” payments.


These steps can be used for any payment name, the only difference is on Step 4 you’d enter the name you’d like in place of ‘Electronic’

  1. Go to Setup, Standard Tables and select Income/Payment Types tab.
  2. Change the selector bullet to Payment Types; you’ll see existing entries listed there.
  3. Click on Add to create your new entry; decide to count as Cash (likely), Check or Credit Card.
  4. Enter ‘Electronic’ in Account Description and decide on a GL Code.

    NOTE: A Unique GL code will break it out separately on Revenue by GL Code report while still being counted as part of your Cash. A shared GL code will lump the ‘Electronic’ dollars into that group decided to be used.
  5. Click on OK and Done to save your entry; it’ll now be available in your Payment Type drop-down list next time you access it.

Once you take a payment from any payment type you can never remove the payment type, even if the payment you processed is deleted.

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