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Winhelp32 (winhlp32.exe) Missing / Training Videos not working

Upon trying to access Training Videos for the first time, the error “Failed to launch help” may appear:

Versions affected:
Windows Vista & Windows 7
On the Windows Help & Support window that appears (see above) click on the Microsoft Help and Support link in the 2nd paragraph. This will take you to the Microsoft download site. The winhlp32.exe must be downloaded from there as Windows validation is required. Third party distribution is not permitted.
Once the appropriate version is installed, the error will most likely change to: “There was a problem running the macro. (1037)” 
A registry change must be made to allow macros. We’ve provided a .reg file with the appropriate changes below in attachments. Choose the appropriate file for your operating system. 
Save the file to an easily accessible location, such as the Windows desktop. Once saved, right-click on it and choose Properties. On the Properties window, click on Unblock
Click OK on the Properties window. Right-click the file once again, and choose Merge.
Once that information is entered into the registry, the training videos should work normally. 
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