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Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, 10 (32 bit) & MS Server 2012 R2 support is ending January 14th, 2023

NOTE: If you are already using Windows 10 (64 bit) or Windows 11 on all your computers, you may disregard this notice. If you still have some PCs with earlier operating systems, read on.

Support for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, 10 (32 bit) and Microsoft Server 2012 R2 is ending January 14, 2023 with the release of Manager SE (v9.x TBD). The implementation of a Database Engine (Microsoft SQL 2022) update and other functionality requires updated components that are simply not compatible with these legacy operating systems.

In summary, we will be providing a version of Manager SE in the near future that will not run on computers using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit), and Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

Mitchell1’s continued support of these legacy operating systems, in addition to current operating systems, has impacted our ability to deliver valuable updates our customers expect. Since the legacy operating systems are not compatible with the newer SQL 2022 update, the choice has been made simple. We will end support for Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (32 bit) and Server 2012 R2 and gain efficiencies in both our Manager SE product development and support at the same time.

We are sending this notice now so that you have time to upgrade your operating system and hardware accordingly well before the policy takes effect. Current hardware requirements can be found at either Mitchell1 or Shopkey.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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