Windows 10 Support FAQ

Windows 10 just came out and I’m interested in upgrading. What software and websites does Mitchell1 currently offer that is supported on Windows 10?

All of our newest programs are supported on Windows 10. This includes Manager SE 6.5 and higher, ProPack, ProDemand, and Truck Series. Any older product of ours is unsupported on Windows 10. Unsupported products include Manager 5.9, Ondemand 5 DVD,, Medium-Truck DVD, and ShopCat.

I am using Manager 5.9. Microsoft updated my Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now I’m on an unsupported operating system. What do I do?

There are two options for how to move forward and maintain a supported environment.

  1. Upgrade to Manager SE; receive our newest features and vehicles added to the software via the Updater. We will send you the disc for our newest version and can help you install it when it arrives. You can continue using Manager 5.9 on your computer while waiting for the disc in the mail, as long as the program still functions. Technical Support will not provide assistance with usage or technical issues with Manager 5.9 in the interim.
  2. Continue using legacy software; backup your database onto an external device, such as, a flash drive. Have Windows 7 reinstalled on the computer by your local computer technician. Ensure the technician disables the Windows 10 update. Once this is done call our support line. We can assist you with reinstalling Manager 5.9 and you will be provided full support as normal.

But my Manager 5.9 / Ondemand5 DVD program is working on Windows 10 after the upgrade. Why doesn’t Mitchell1 support Windows 10 for Manager 5.9 and other legacy software?

The software itself doesn’t have any functional technical issues that we were able to find, and will likely continue to work for a time after the Windows 10 upgrade. The issue is when you need the program reinstalled. The installation packages for our older software do not function properly on Windows 10 due to enhanced security features in the operating system compared to Windows 7.

Upgrading to Manager SE sounds great. How do we start?

You can easily upgrade to Manager SE by going to and filling out the form. It will be sent to our Order Processing Department and the upgrade should be processed within 5-10 business days.  If for any reason you cannot complete this online form, or if you need to receive a disc faster, call into our Customer Service Department at 888-724-6742 and our agents can process your upgrade for you.

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