Management System – Error Codes List

Printer ErrorProblemTroubleshooting Tip
504- Report Not FoundYou have selected a report that does not exist.The report file no longer exist, which means the Series software needs to be reinstalled.
513- Invalid PrinterThe printer driver for the printer you specified is missing.From within Windows, reinstall the printer driver back into Windows, then print out a test page to make sure printer driver is working in Windows first.  

Or the selected printer in Reports Setup is blank.
515- Error in FormulaThere is formula error in the replacement formula text. Review the formula Syntax and retry.Solution 1
– Make sure there is no apostrophe(*), brackets (]) or any other invalid characters in any of the fields when trying to run report.

Solution 2
– Make sure that the Crystal Report File is the correct version for that program.

Solution 3
– Verify if the user installed Office 2000, or Second Generation Windows 98. If so, replace the windows\system\p2sodbc.dll with version
525- Unable to Load ReportThere is something wrong with the report you are trying to open.Try printing a different report, if no errors are present then the first report file needs to be replaced or Series software needs to be reinstalled.
Check to see if correct version of CRPE32.DLL
526- No Default PrinterYou have not specified a default printer.Check Windows to make sure the printer is selected as the default printer.
545- Request Cancelled by UserYou have not specified a default printer.Make sure that within Series, the correct printer is selected. It is located in the Setup\Reports Printers.

Other Printer Errors Within Series I-II

ErrorTroubleshooting Tip
Table of Database Cannot Be Opened When Starting-Delete the Windows\Temp directory.

-Always run Scandisk to check for any other problems on the hard drive before proceeding.

-From within the Mitchell Repair Group folder, run (in this order) the Repair Database Utility, and then the Update Database Utility. When finished, reboot Windows and restart the Series Program.

User License Errors:

ErrorTroubleshooting Tip
Error 1: Can’t Open Usage File– Program has already been opened in Windows 95. Bring up “Close Program” and if Series is listed than tells that the program is already up and running.

– Multi User- Server hard drive is not shared with full access.
Error 2 or -2: Can’t Open Usage File or You have tried to open two copies of your management program please close and double click the icon once.– Program has already been opened in Windows 95. Bring up the task bar (where Start button is located) and click on the MMS Series X program.

– Multi User- Server hard drive is not shared with full access.
Error 3: Usage Over Limit– In a multi-user setup, the limit of user access has reached its limit. Make sure the number of computers accessing the software has not exceeded the limit.
Error 4: Can’t Open Access File– Workstation lost drive mapping to the server’s hard drive.

– Computer is low on resources.

– Mitchell Parts & Labor Estimating Guide is not working correctly.
Error 6: Access CRC Bad– The directory does not have full shared access.
Error 7: Hidden Directory– The temp directory in the Series I-II program directory (usually C:\Mitchell\Repair\SeriesX\Temp) is not empty or present. Close program and delete files found there, or reinstall the program.
Error 10: Directory Timestamp– Verify the server and workstation are on the same date and time. If needed, rerun the workstation setup.

– Series 32bit can call for an access code to reactivate.
Error 14: A License Error Occurred
Error 20: Open Exclusively– Someone is running the database utilities.
Error 22: A License Error Occurred– User did not wait for “installation complete dialog” before starting Series.
Error 23:– File in Hidden Directory.

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