Extract Error Code 2 Troubleshooting

Extract error code 2 is reported.

Versions Affected:
OnDemand 5, ShopKey 5 (all versions).


  1. Clean the CD/DVD disk by using a soft clean cloth removing any smudges, dirt or fingerprints – Windex can be used.
  2. Use update data to re-register the data.
  3. Manually delete the temp files under the user profile: C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\MW0538\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP. Also you may want to check C:\WINDOWS\TEMP and C:\TEMP.
  4. Try another CD/DVD drive, if possible.
  5. Clean the CD/DVD drive to insure the laser doesn’t have any obstructions.
  6. Attempt to use a different data CD/DVD.
  7. Replace the CD/DVD disk.
  8. Create a new user profile with “Administrator” rights if possible on the computer, and login with those new credentials.
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